The Sun. The eternally shiny solution.

As owner of an intelligent GEF Solar power plant, you will benefit more from every sunray, thanks to the cloud-based GEF Vision ™ system. The GEF Solar power plant is a clean energy solution and a profitable investment that significantly reduces the need for electricity purchased from the grid, as well as increases self-sufficiency and property value.

Our product range includes grid connected GEF Solar power plants from a few kilowatts to several megawatts. The GEF Solar power plant is turnkey, and includes everything you need: solar panels, inverter, mounting system and other components, consulting, installation, commissioning and guidance and, if necessary, also financing. All the components of GEF Solar power plants are products of leading international manufacturers, and therefore meet our high quality standards.

Pioneering under the sun.

Join the energy revolution with a GEF Solar power plant!

The Smart GEF Solar power plants include:

  • Efficient solar panels, which transform the solar energy into direct current electricity
  • Inverter, which transforms the direct current of the solar panel into alternating current
  • Mounting System for different types of roofs and all small parts such as switches and cables
  • GEF Vision™ -production monitoring system, in Finnish as stardard
  • GEF Vision™ virtual yield-forecast, a machine learning and weather forecast based service, which creates hourly production forecasts for the next 24 hours

       Additional features available for the GEF Vision™ system :

  • Active load control, which increases timely consumption according to the production forecast, significantly increases the self-employment rate
  • A user interface with customer-specific information and screen visual design
  • An intelligent GEF PCU power module for enabling:
    1.  Demand response market services
    2.  Electric vehicle charging services
    3. Recovery and discharging of surplus energy in energy storage

Our solar systems always meet the needs of the customer - regardless of the location. GEF solar power plants are available in different sizes, and delivered on a turnkey basis. Every system component has been carefully selected to function in the northern environment. The GEF solar power plant is designed specifically for your property.

Boldly go where the sun does shine...

The GEF Solar power plant is a rational solution straight from the heart for large as well as small locations.Check the installed sites!


Public buildings

Private properties


Ground and wall installations

Energy storage

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