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GEF solar power plants for farm entreprises

A GEF solar power plant is a profitable investment that generates electricity for decades with a single investment. In addition to economical savings, an own solar power plant also offers a competitive advantage for farms.

Our specialists plan and dimension the power plant and its size to meet the needs of the customer. This ensures optimized electricity generation and a reasonable payback time for the investment. A farm enterprise can apply for ELY energy support for investment in energy conservation, enhancement of use or renewable energy investment and development projects of 40% of the computational costs of a solar power plant project. When a farm enterprise meets the conditions for investment support and the electricity produced is used for productive agricultural activity, the prerequisites for the support are filled and the return on the single investment is faster.

GEF provides reliable and cost-effective solar power systems for farm enterprises, pre-installed. We only use the industry's best components from leading international manufacturers. We have experience from demanding implementations and are able to realize projects cost-effectively within the agreed timeframe. We handle each request for an offer on a case-by-case basis. This is how we provide the best possible solution for each location.

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A farm enterprise often already possesses the chances of getting the most from the photovoltaic power. The most energy-consuming tasks can, for example, be timed to coincide with the production of photovoltaic electricity, or motor-powered devices and vehicles can be gradually replaced by electrically powered ones, and overproduction can be stored in the battery to be available during the most expensive time of network power.

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