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GEF photovoltaic systems for companies and public facilities

The GEF Solar power plant is a profitable investment that generates electricity for decades with a single investment. In addition to economical savings, an own solar power plant also offers companies and organizations a competitive edge.

Our specialists plan and dimension the power plant and its size to meet the needs of the customer. This ensures optimized electricity generation and a reasonable payback time for the investment. In Finland, a company or community can apply for 25% subsidy from ELY for the costs of an energy saving, energy efficiency improvent, or renewable energy investment and development projects. Thus, a properly designed and constructed solar power plant may offer up to 7-10% return on invested capital.

GEF provides reliable and cost-efficient solar power systems for commercial properties, fully commissioned. The solar power systems range from a few kilowatts to several megawatts. We only use the industry's best components from leading international manufacturers. We have experience from demanding implementations and are able to realize projects cost-effectively within the agreed timeframe.

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