Sun powered. Cloud based.

GEF offers its customers a great opportunity to participate in building a smart energy ecosystem. Every GEF solar power plant delivered in 2018 includes the GEF Vision™ production monitoring system. The GEF Vision™ is in Finnish, also available in other languages, and as a mobile application. With the GEF Vision™ system, you get the most out of solar power now, and in the future.

GEF Vision™ -production monitoring system

The GEF Vision™ system helps monitor the production of solar energy and control consumption accordingly. It can also be installed on an existing solar power plant. In addition to real estate electricity consumption management, GEF Vision™ enables storage of surplus energy.

GEF Vision™

  • Real-time production monitoring over the cloud service
  • Updated production monitoring every 5 seconds
  • Production reports from an hourly to an annual level
  • Identifies the plant's production changes and possible exceptional situations
  • Support for all common inverter models
  • Panelstring-specific production monitoring
  • Free, automatic software updates
  • Distribution of measurement data for property automation

Additional features of the GEF Vision™

  • Consumption management of property electricity
  • Optimization of consumption control in accordance with the anticipated production forecast
  • Automated real-time and optimum power comparisons, maintenance and service calls
  • Energy storage through connecting to the GEF Vision™ power control unit
  • The ability to join demand response markets through the GEF Vision™ Ecosystem

The GEF Vision™ interface can also be ordered in other languages as well as be given a custom-made look for companies and organisations.
With GEF Vision™, you can also show your own energy output in real-time to others.

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