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Our goal is to promote the development of sound, renewable and pure solar power. We want to offer more opportunities to participate in the energy transformation. The sooner you invest in the solar power plant, the better benefits the system will bring for its owner. With GEF Financing, you avoid a larger installment and you can pay gradually with the savings acquired by own power production, in smaller installments. Together with our partners, we offer financing options for both companies and private consumers.

GEF Financing for companies

GEF Solar power plant without investments.

In addition to leasing financing that is often used in investments, we offer the purchase of a solar power plant without any investment. With the help of funding, you can start producing and using zero-emission energy even without your own investment. Depending on the installation site, you can choose the appropriate repayment period and the monthly installment. In an PPA i.e. power purchase agreement for corporate customers, the customer only pays for the electricity generated by the power plant during the contract period. At the end of the contract period, the customer has the opportunity to redeem the power plant at a low cost.

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GEF Financing for consumers

Easy and flexible. Out of love of the future.

When you do not want to commit cash to the solar power plant, the solution is flexible GEF Financing for consumers. This is an unsecured credit granted to private consumers.

You will receive a credit decision immediately upon completing your application together with a GEF representative. During the first expense- and interest-free month, you can decide whether to use the funding. With funding, you can choose to pay the purchase amount without additional cost. By selecting funding you can buy the plant without any prepayment. You will only be charged once the power plant is ready for use on the roof!

When applying for a credit decision, it is wise to apply for a sufficient amount (with funding the loan amount is € 1,000 to € 30,000) to cover the entire purchase price and possible installation costs. The final amount to be funded will be the actual amount of the purchase confirmed by the GEF representative.

  • Cardless
  • No securing or guarantors required
  • Monthly interest- and charge-free payment period
  • Monthly invoicing of flat rates
  • Possibility of free months
  • The loan may be repaid in advance if desired
  • The interest on the loan when renovating your own permanent home is tax deductible
  • An approved credit decision does not require a purchase

*The Consumer Protection Law stipulated Annual Percentage Rate, for example, for an average credit of EUR 10,000 over a 35-month loan period is 8.75%, when the nominal interest rate is 7.30%. The credit price is 11,282.32 €. (Status 12/2017). The financing is granted by the OP Bank Group Plc, Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki, Finland.

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