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Please find below a list of solar events, trade fairs and other events where to meet GEF representatives:

Solar events

No events

Trade fairs and other events

TAMPERE 23.01.2019 to 24.01.2019 SLO Verkostomessut, Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus
SALO 26.01.2019 to 27.01.2019 Salon messut, Salo halli
TURKU 08.02.2019 to 10.02.2019 Rakenna & Sisusta -messut, Turun messukeskus, Solar Age Oy B/68
HELSINKI 11.09.2019 to 12.09.2019 Kuntamarkkinat, Kuntatalo

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We are ready to offer assistance in all solar power related issues.

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